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Benefits of Bahama Shutters

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Living in Florida has many benefits, including the beautiful temperatures, the tourist attractions and the glorious beaches. Unfortunately, if you live in Florida, you must also deal with hurricanes. There are several ways you can protect your property and family from the high winds and devastating rain, but you might not be sure which option is best for you.
For many homeowners, Bahama shutters provide the ideal balance between aesthetic appeal and protection. Here are a few of the many benefits of having Bahama shutters installed on your home.

Unbeatable Protection

There are several advantages to Bahama shutters. However, their greatest strength is their ability to protect your home and family during a hurricane. The shutters are attached to your home by hinges. When the winds pick up and the rain starts beating against your windows, all you need to do is pull the shutters down.
Because the shutters are attached to your home rather than to the window itself, they offer unbeatable protection against the elements.

Customizable Appearance

Another benefit to Bahama shutters is their appearance. Other types of hurricane shutters will provide protection against the elements. However, if you want a product that blends in with the overall look of your home's exterior, Bahama shutters are the best option.
The shutters are available in a variety of colors and styles. Your product can be created to fit with the architectural style and color of your home. Typically, Bahama shutters are constructed from wood, wood composite or aluminum. Each of these types of material also has its own unique advantages.
For example, aluminum shutters are very durable and will provide unparalleled protection against the elements. They are also easy to maintain and require only an occasional cleaning with your garden hose. Wood and wood composite Bahama shutters are an elegant, highly customizable option.
An unexpected benefit of Bahama shutters is the potential to save big money on your monthly cooling costs. The Florida sun can be brutal, and when it hits your home, your central air conditioner must work overtime to keep your house cool. Bahama shutters block sunlight from entering your home, which can help keep the temperatures down.

Increased Privacy

If privacy in your home is an issue, Bahama shutters are a great choice. The shutters can be left completely open, or you can partially shut them to increase the privacy in your home. The way the shutters are designed allows you to see what's going on outside of your home. However, neighbors and onlookers won't be able to see what is happening inside your house.

Designing and Installing Your Bahama Shutters

If you decide that Bahama shutters are the best option for you, you next need to start creating the ideal design for your home. Don't worry if your windows aren't standard size; Bahama shutters can be created to fit any size and shape of window.
The next thing to consider is the material and color. Once again, if you want shutters that are easy to care for and very durable, aluminum is a great option. However, if you want something that is more customizable and provides a classic look, consider wood or wood composite shutters.
Finally, never attempt to install the Bahama shutters on your own. A professional will have the tools, knowledge and experience necessary to expertly install your Bahama shutters within a matter of hours. This will help ensure that your shutters are ready for the next big storm.
From their dependability and durability to their classic look, for many homeowners, Bahama shutters are a great way to help protect their property from hurricanes and other storms. If you have any further questions, contact the professionals at Custom Storm Shutters Direct. 
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