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What You Need to Know About Hurricane Shutters

If you live in Florida, or any other area that is constantly affected by hurricanes, then it is crucial that you take precautionary measures to protect your home. One of the most popular and effective ways to protect your home from hurricanes is by installing hurricane shutters because they are affordable, strong and versatile. Here are three things you should know about hurricane shutters.

1. Do Not Simply Opt for Plywood for Hurricane Protection
There are many instances when homeowners simply put up plywood over their windows to protect their homes during a hurricane. It is important that you understand that plywood should never be used as a substitute for storm shutters.
Plywood may cover up your windows in the same way that storm shutters do. However, this is the only similarity that the two have. Storm shutters meet current state and county codes, not to mention the fact that they are designed to withstand winds brought on by hurricanes. Unfortunately, this cannot be said about plywood.
Of course, when a hurricane is blowing in and you do not have hurricane shutters, then you can use plywood as a last-minute solution to protect your windows and home. However, plywood should never be utilized as a permanent hurricane-protection solution for your home.
2. Do Not Leave Your Hurricane Shutters Up Year-Round
It isn't uncommon for homeowners to put up their hurricane shutters early in the year, and then end up leaving them up for the remainder of the year. Many say it is to avoid the hassles of uninstalling them and having to reinstall them next year, while others say it is to help deter criminals.
Whatever the case may be, it is dangerous to keep your hurricane shutters up when it is not active hurricane season. For instance, if a fire were to start inside of your home and block the doors, there would be no way for you to get out of your home with the hurricane shutters installed. In addition, the fire department wouldn't have a way to get inside the house — at least not without breaking something.
If you are keeping the shutters up in order to deter burglars, it may simply lure them more. The reason for this is because it could cause criminals to believe that the house is empty.
With that all being said, it may be tempting to simply leave the shutters installed year-round, but it is a good idea to only leave them up during hurricane season or when there is a serious hurricane threat.

3. Do Not Forget to Clean and Maintain Your Hurricane Shutters
Just like most things, hurricane shutters need to be cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. After all, they are your first line of defense when a hurricane comes barreling through your city. Without proper maintenance, they will be unable to provide you with the necessary protection.
When hurricane shutters fail to undergo proper maintenance, various problems can arise. These problems include seizing wheels, locks that will not engage and dirt or debris in the tracks that result in the prevention of closure.
The best thing that you can do is to have your hurricane shutters undergo annual inspections. A yearly inspection will uncover any potential problems and repairs that are needed. Repairs should be made as soon as possible. This includes any damage that occurs throughout hurricane season, including broken motors and shutter cracks.
< Don't forget to keep your shutters clean, as this can solve a lot of dirt and debris issues that you may have. All it takes is a mild soap and warm water to effectively clean your hurricane shutters.
If you live in an area where hurricanes are prevalent, you should consider buying hurricane shutters. Custom Storm Shutters Direct offers a variety of hurricane shutters suitable for different home and business styles. Contact us today to talk about the benefits of hurricane shutters, the options that are available to you, shutter maintenance and hurricane shutter installation.
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