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Stop Weather Damage With Storm Shutters

storm shutters
Hurricanes are known to cause severe damage to homes and businesses in coastal communities, but even a severe thunder storm accompanied by extreme winds during the rainy season can shatter windows and ruin your belongings. The safety of your family and pets is also threatened when glass is flying from a tropical cyclone or tornado. We’re here to help. For upward of four decades, the team at Custom Storm Shutters Direct has installed the most durable exterior storm shutters on the market to stop the weather from damaging homes.

Durable Exterior Window Coverings

Whether you live in a quintessential Mediterranean home or something with a bit more modern flair, we carry a variety of styles and color options to make it hurricane proof.
  • Accordion – vertical blades fold toward center and lock into place when in use.
  • Bahama – horizontal metal slats inside a rectangular frame can be adjusted up or down, or locked into place.
  • Colonial – similar to decorative shutters, mounted on hinges on both sides of the window, fold toward center and lock into place.
  • Roll-up – horizontal blades roll down from a housing above the window.
You don’t have to limit yourself to just one style. Choosing a combination of styles is very common. Let us help you determine which types of exterior window coverings are best suited for your home based on the size and location of each of your windows and doors. For instance, you might want to enhance the appearance of windows on the front of your home with Colonial shutters, but protect your large, second-story balcony door on the back of your home with accordions.

Get the Protection You need in Melbourne, Daytona & Jacksonville

Contact Custom Storm Shutters Direct at 386-672-3737 to schedule a free estimate. We serve the greater central and north Florida area, including, but not limited to, Melbourne, Daytona, Jacksonville, Orlando and Ormond Beach.
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